Our culture - wan lai China. Hong Kong


Wan lai China brand idea comes from original product design. Our headquarters is in Hong Kong SAR, in line with the international; Has a group of senior designer team and enthusiasm, self-developed wonderful novel electronic consumer products.

High quality

Wan lai China brand product stick to the quality of parts and materials, accord with the requirement of international standards; We believe that only the most reliable quality of products, and long-term, continuously ensuring quality, to meet the rigorous high-end home; Make us become a trustworthy brand, rooted in the Chinese market.


Wan lai China brand pursue Shared: home with wonderful design, high quality products with superior life taste; With business partners to share growth in product sales to achieve business growth and brand identity; Share with all of humanity brings the convenience and innovation of science and technology and sustainable development.

History: the company has professional ID design team in Hong Kong, engaged in digital, sports, automotive products such as design and standard of up to 2005 years, technology research and development independently, transformation into a digital product design, production and processing, the main source of customers in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and other places.

Company size: production factory overall population is more than 200 people, covers an area of about 6000 square meters. Factory main department organization structure: the plastic department, material warehouse, fuel injection department, screen printing department, assembly department, quality inspection department, engineering department (development personnel 10 people).

Equipment: the company has advanced manufacturing equipment, strong production in the future for the company laid a solid foundation. Such as: injection molding machine 12 units, mainly brand in Taiwan and China sea. 3 pad printing machines, injection baking line a; Production assembly line 4, the other have M S R high speed machine and BM123 multi-function machine!

Company tenet: provide excellent products and services, create fine, strong, long enterprises, improve the living quality of the staff.

Vision: to become the world famous brand.

Company values: integrity, passion, focus, creating.