About Manova- founded in 2001, M and A are initials of our 2 founder designers, and NOVA means a new glowing star*!  We are HK based yet educated and believe in both local and global values and visions.  

MANOVA is a brand passionate to our core value motto: " Hong Kong - Sound Design - Quality - Sharing "  

We carefully think, look, design and make - to bring 'sound' designs which can be shared with you- users at our heart- for quality digital daily lives.  Right now we focus on stuffs around the little magic boxes (smart phones- a world in your hands) such as the Bluetooth(R) speakers, headsets, backup powers, holders... and turn technologies into styles, caring, beauties, and ultimately, make your lives happier.  

We opt to be a unique brand to achieve so, and we go for it that you choose us.  

Products range from Bluetooth headphones, speakers, portable backup powers for smart phones, holders and combinations of such functions that carefully designed to bring convenience to users